Wednesday, June 25, 2008


An unrelated photo of Castle Howard in North Yorkshire

Thought I'd better put up a short update post - I've not vanished from the face of the Earth, nor have the makers of Lynx deodorant nobbled me. I'm taking a break from blogging, I kind of ran out of things to write - it's almost 4yrs since I started DUaB after all. Also the BeerCast is taking up more of my time now we're getting somewhere with it. But I will return here soon, certainly before the fourth birthday in September. Anyhow, hope everyone's enjoying the summer, and I'll be back up spouting nonsense in a bit...


Alright, I didn't actually make that fourth birthday deadline, as you may have noticed. In fact, I decided to stop DUaB and concentrate on other things. Thanks for reading, I'll keep the site up so the posts remain, as for now you can find me over at The BeerCast writing about beer and drinking. Thanks to everyone who commented here at DUaB, all all the best.

R 14/12/2009