Thursday, February 24, 2005

Extra Time

The world game

The Champions League football has restarted in Europe after a break for winter, and there are some potentially classic matchups. Being starved of the beautiful game over here, I was pleased to see that SBS were showing one of the games (SBS is by far the best Australian TV station - their news has news from other countries). Of course because it's in Europe the game was in the early hours over here, kicking off at 6:35am. That's about the time I usually get up anyway, so I figured I'd get up a bit earlier and at least be able to watch the first half of Manchester United against AC Milan. But for some reason despite setting my alarm, it didn't go off, and I was late for work. This is why people hate Manchester United. But there was no real harm done as thankfully I woke at 8am, instead of noon - which would have been interesting. So I legged it down Oxford Street and walked straight onto a train, getting to work at 9am. So if I stay late tonight I'll not have lost any time - or more importantly, money. So things worked out - and Man Utd lost as well, so it's all good...