Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cities all the way

The Sydney skyline at night

I had a minor revelation the other day - I've lived my entire life in cities. Admittedly most of those years need to be backdated - my hometown of Preston and my first University town were both given city status only recently. But if you add my time in Hull and, of course, Edinburgh and Sydney it means I've been a city boy all these years. I've also been to a fair few cities around the world on my various travels, although there are plenty more to visit on my list of course.

So at the risk of this turning into an inadvertant homage to High Fidelity (which I hated), I thought I might come up with a list of my top five favourite cities. There is another reason for me doing this - my long and boring hours here are good for getting the money together for the upcoming New Zealand trip, but not exactly good for inspiring an entry on this blog. Although we are getting a new temp next week - so I'll prepare to hold the front page.

Anyway, city number 5 tomorrow. Which will it be? Play along at home - write down five cities you think I might have liked and see how close you get....*

* clue - Hull isn't one of them