Saturday, October 15, 2005

Final Four - 4

Green Park, London, in the Autumn sunshine

I suppose that's more or less it. Back in the UK, only two weeks until I go back to work, and all the travelling is over. My flight from Seoul Incheon to Heathrow was as uneventful as you can hope for, and before I knew it I was on the Tube, being jolted around as the train rattled across London. It was good to be back on the tube again, but you certainly notice the bumpy ride when you've been spoiled by the smooth running of transport in Japan. It was also good to be back in the cold - dull, grey Autumn weather had taken over and it was as cold as I'd felt probably since I was in New Zealand in May. I spent about a week in London, and had a couple of touristy days walking around parts of the city. It's great to be back in the UK, despite it meaning the end of my travels. Sitting on a bench in Green Park watching the holidaymakers filing towards Buckingham Palace I was able to do a spot of reflecting on the mammoth distances I'd covered over the past twelve months. Technically I've still not yet finished, as I've got to get back to Edinburgh where it all began, but after having visited four countries in four days I'll take at least a couple of weeks before I get back there. Of course, there's only one place you need to come to find out how I get on...