Tuesday, November 08, 2005

...and back to the grind

The end of the trip

Two days back at work, but thankfully the novelty hasn't quite worn off yet. Being back at my old job in the routine I last slotted into 13 months ago is slightly strange. I see loads of people walking around at work that I recognise (open plan office), but they all seem slightly different. But because I've not seen them for so long, I'm not quite sure what it is about them that isn't the same as I remember. Anyway, they all seem pleased to see me and I've spent a couple of days having predictably similar conversations with everyone - which I enjoyed, as talking about what I've been up to brings it all back.

I discovered that the computer department hadn't removed my network setup at all - in fact when I logged on in a cheerfully hopeful fashion I got straight back into my desktop. How many emails would you get at work in a year? I had 2,121 in my inbox - that's a lot of cars with lights left on and broken vending machine notifications (two of the most common at our work). It took well over a minute to delete them all - I stared at the animation of the piece of paper crumpling in midair whilst flying into a bucket (as if guided by some mysterious unseen power) for almost two minutes before all 2,121 were consigned to the electronic dustbin of history. Ah well, it passed the time. Anyway, there are new people there to talk to, new things to do, and at the moment - a new route to work - so it's all fun and games. How long to the weekend again?