Wednesday, October 06, 2004

All the way across

The view from Amy's house. Not bad, eh?

I got bitten by an ant yesterday, that's some welcome to Australia. Still, at least it wasn't a snake or a shark. Just a small black ant. Obviously I couldn't bring myself to squash it - even if it had attacked me 'When ants go bad' indeed. So I flicked it off, and carried on burning the nest with a magnifying glass. Joke! I was actually standing on a balcony admiring the view. I'm staying in Cremorne, which is very upmarket for a humble Lancashire boy like myself.

Cremorne is on the North side of the Harbour, and is home to a lot of city types and richer families. Sydney is made up of hundreds of bays and inlets, and where I am is no exception. From my window I can look out on to a yacht-strewn bay with waterside houses and trees. Whilst it's a view I could certainly get used to, I'd like to be a bit closer to the city - but finding accommodation can wait until next week.

The day I arrived it was 37C - the hottest October day on record. That kind of heat feels odd - you go outside and it feels too hot to be right, as if something's broken and it's overheating. I dunno, maybe that's what's happening. But thankfully because it was that hot it soon got thundery and a rainstorm (!) cooled everything off. I get here and it rains on my first day, and I'm thankful for it? What's going on there?