Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nice weather for spiders

Ahhh! Spider!

It's been raining here steadily since Sunday night - almost two days. It made the TV news much in the same way a few centimetres of snow in London makes ITV news go into spasms. But they really do need the water here - one thing you notice is how dry everything is. Although not lately, as I got drenched yesterday as I was sorting out a bank account. It was so bad, I had to buy an umbrella. Of course some kind of spring broke and the umbrella jammed - I managed to fix it after I'd got home, but that is always the way things happen.

Spiders don't like the rain either. I've seen a couple of very small ones, but I was in bed on Monday morning and could hear a commotion on the stairs. There was a few muffled thumps and I could hear Amy (who hates spiders) yelping. When I got up I asked what had gone on - a Huntsman spider had crawled in out of the rain and was slowly wandering along the hall carpet. I made the mistake of asking how big it was - and was told it was 'palm-sized'. I was told then that they are totally harmless, but that fell on my newly deaf ears as I was quietly wondering what I'd seen poking out from under a pile of t-shirts in my room. After a thorough arms-length sweep of my room, I discovered the truth. It was a sock.