Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The problem with flats

Time for a flutter?

Flat hunting is quite tricky in Sydney. For a start, the vast majority of the rooms are unfurnished. The rest of the flat/house has furniture, but the room you'll be looking at won't. I'm not sure why this is, but there must be a lot of wealthy removals men in Australia. So it quickly dawned on me that I'll have to buy a bed. But over here you can pick up a cheap double bed for about A$300, so it won't break the bank. The rest of the room might have to be a bit minimalist though.

I've looked round a couple of places, but not found anything decent yet. I still need to get into some other areas of the city, so I can widen my search a bit instead of concentrating on a couple of neighbourhoods. But I'll be doing that this week. I've also got to phone the cancer people and arrange my interview with them. Then there's the reading I need to do for that, as I've forgotten most of the figures from the Edinburgh cancer lot. Oh - and look out for a photo update soon - I have been taking them, but needed to enlarge my online host album.

Today is Melbourne Cup day in Australia - their equivalent of the Grand National. At 3:10pm the country stops, apparently, and everyone tunes in to the three-minute race. Everyone apart from me, that is. I've never really had any interest in racing - and seeing as I don't watch the Grand National, I'm not going to watch a shorter race without jumps. But they take it very seriously here - there are large screens set up in the city, and millions of dollars already laid down. You want my tip? Makybe Diva....