Thursday, December 30, 2004

The New Year Gap


After Christmas, we're now in the 'nothing week' - the few days between Xmas and the New Year. The only things open now are the shops - Sydney is as packed with shoppers as any other sale-crazed city. Apart from that, all offices and attractions are closed, which leaves less to do for someone like me than usual. I could always go and look through the shops, I suppose. Maybe I'll wait until the pandemonium quietens down a bit first, though.

Well it's New Year's Eve tomorrow, and I'm still not sure what's my plans are. At the moment I think it boils down to two options - I could either go and watch the fireworks on my own, or go with Amy to a party in Manly. Pros and cons time - the Sydney fireworks are spectacular, and this could literally be the only chance I get to see them. Living in Edinburgh you get used to mega fireworks displays (apart from the last one we were at, which was held in driving rain and heavy clouds), so it would be great to see them. Downside here is that all my Australian friends are fireworked-out, so won't be going. So do I see the fireworks (which I really want to) on my own, or go to a party where there'll at least be people, but no fireworks. Hmmm...I still haven't decided.

On another note, something that keeps happening to me is being asked for directions. Now there's a definate precedent here - when I was in Paris for New Year last time out I was asked for directions five times in four days, including in French (and actually managed to answer in French, thanks to my schoolboy days). It happens here too - I'm not sure what it is, maybe I look trusting or knowledgeable, or probably geeky enough to know where everything is. Maybe it's because I don't look like a tourist and walk at 2mph looking up all the time, blocking the pavement and getting in the way (but that's a story for another time). Anyway, for whatever reason, it keeps happening. It's not as if I get it right most of the time, either.