Monday, December 27, 2004

A (too) busy Boxing Day

They left without me...

Well, it didn't quite happen for the old yachting today. I got a call from Amy saying that her Dad wasn't going out on the harbour this year to watch the start of the race - so no hobnobbing with blazered-elite types for me after all. I didn't really have a Plan B, but I threw one together and decided to make my own way out to Watson's Bay and then walk to South Head, at the edge of the harbour. South Head (and the opposite North Head) are the huge rocky cliffs that make up the entrance to what is usually called Sydney Harbour, but officially is called Port Jackson.

Because of their location and height they make the perfect spot for viewing the start of the yacht race, which begins in the middle of the harbour. As you can imagine, this leads to large crowds, and I had an unsuccessful wait at a bus stop in King's Cross as all the Watson's Bay-bound buses were so packed they weren't stopping. So no yacht race for me - instead I went back home and indulged in the other traditional Australian Boxing Day tradition - watching the cricket on the telly.