Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day in Sydney

Christmas dinner, Australian style - Merry Christmas!

Well it's the big day at last, Christmas is finally here. I had been wondering what to do for a while - going to a beach was always an option. I didn't really want to join the hordes of pissed Brits at Bondi (and besides this year the police have banned all drinking, eating and smoking on Bondi beach over Christmas as last year about 35 people had to be rescued from the sea). Of course I could have gone somewhere else. But the weather was against that - as after days of sunny warm weather today was dull, grey and cold. Admittedly it's the weather I usually expect at the seaside, just not in this country.

So instead I opened my presents - I wasn't expecting anything but Santa managed to find me over here (maybe he reads this blog too). So that was a great start to the day (well, it was more the middle of the day by that point). Then it was time for Cristmas dinner - seeing as I was on my own (both my flatmates had gone to their families for the festivities), I didn't bother with all the complex turkey stuff, and did myself an enormous steak instead. Very nice it was too.

After that I went for a walk, wandering around the deserted city. Things were busy around the tourist areas - the Harbour and Opera House especially - but the rest of the streets in the city were very quiet. What with Boxing Day tomorrow falling on a Sunday, most of the sales start on Monday, so it might be just as quiet tomorrow. Plus the Sydney-Hobart yacht race starts tomorrow, so plenty if people will be at that - me included. So watch this space...