Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Two months to the day

Two months down, ten to go...

It's the 14th of December today, which means I've been in Sydney for two months. It doesn't really feel like it, it seems like I've only just arrived really. Mind you, now that I'm in a flat rather than the hostel I feel more like I live here instead of just visiting. The hostel I was in is fully booked over the festive period, which means people in there now are turfed out and have to find somewhere else during the busy period. I bet few of them had planned for that. My mate Rob (who was in my room when I arrived and is still there - he's been in the same bunk for 3 months) is having to move somewhere else - even if there were room he refuses to pay the hiked Christmas price of $35 a night (10 pounds), up from $23.

Speaking of money, I had an email from work today which said 'we know you are on a Career Break, but due to the late submission of your paperwork you have been overpaid by 421pounds this month. Please send the agency a cheque as soon as possible'. That's nice of them, maybe I won't send them a postcard after all. If I paid them $421 I wonder if they would notice. Probably not. Mind you, the money's in my UK account so I can't spend it (shame).

I was in the supermarket the other day and made a great discovery - cheap instant noodles. They come in packets and each has a sachet of dubious powder that makes the boiling noodle water into a broth. Anyway, you can combine these cheap noodles with all kinds of things, meat ,vegetables - they are just like noodles you buy in the UK (I have seen noodles before, that isn't my point) - but 10p a packet! Yes, 10p! That's US19c for my American readers. I thought that was great. Not that I'm cheap or anything, but when you can buy noodles for $0.26 anybody would be excited by that. Wouldn't they? 10p?