Monday, January 24, 2005

The quiet and the storm

A storm sweeps through Sydney, as seen from our back garden

For the past few days Sydney has been once again suffering from some decidedly un-Sydneylike weather - heavy rain and storms. On Sunday it rained almost all day, in the morning it was coming down in torrents. There's something good about lying in bed listening to the rain battering the windows, and not having to get up. Lots of thunder and lightening too. It takes the edge off the heat, so I'm not complaining too much.

Still waiting for that call from the temp agencies. It's a difficult time to look for work, as (and this came as a surprise to me) people in Sydney often take long holidays at the New Year, until Australia Day - which is tomorrow - the 26th of January. Workers in the UK don't get a month's holiday at Christmas, that's for sure. But I should get something to start next week, as things will be busy - due no doubt to people returning to a month's worth of work...