Thursday, March 17, 2005

Musical chairs at 28a

My flat - that's my room with the balcony

I met my flatmate Pen for the fourth time the other day, which is odd when you consider I've been living with her for over four months. I first met her when I looked around the place - initially I'd been told it had gone, but the girl chosen changed her mind and backed out, so I got the room as second choice. Almost immediately after I arrived, Pen started staying with her boyfriend in Surry Hills - I've been assured this is purely a co-incidence, as she had been doing it a bit before I arrived too. She works long hours, and her work is in Surry Hills, so she spent more and more time there - the result being I saw her twice after I moved in (before this week) and not since Christmas.

It's a bit strange to spend rent on a flat and live somewhere else, and after four months, Pen decided to move out. It's a shame because she seemed like a nice enough person, but of course four ten-minute chats don't give you much time to find out. So the fourth time I saw her was when she came to start moving her things out. The twist here is that she's not moving in with her boyfriend - she's moving in with a new set of people - and seven doors up the road, still in our street. So maybe I'll end up seeing more of her after she moves out. Maybe that's the way things are done over here - anyway, it's now time to advertise for another flatmate...