Saturday, April 09, 2005

2. The Harbour City

Sydney skyline viewed from Watson's Bay

When I decided to move away from the UK for a year, realistically there was only ever one city I was going to choose, and that was Sydney. I made that decision based on a three-day visit here in 2002 - so to make that much of an impression so quickly it must be quite a place. The best feature of Sydney is the location - no coastal city I've been to embraces the sea like Sydney (apart from maybe Venice, but it has no choice). Sydneysiders love their harbour, it dominates all aspects of life here - it really is stunning. The climate means people here can make more use of the outdoor amenities, and as a result recreation is a large part of the lifestyle.

There are the world-famous beaches, gardens and parks galore - and a great network of bush paths along both sides of the harbour. Sydney also has a real creative feel to it, if you like galleries and theatres there are hundreds - with the most famous being the Sydney Opera House, without doubt the most instantly recognisable building in the world. I see it every day, yet still think to myself 'Hey - that's the Opera House'. Sydney's popluation of four million comprises people from all over the world, and the mix of communities is reflected in the food and general culture. I know they say it about New York - but you can really find anything in Sydney. Even me