Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A foolproof plan

But will I be celebrating on Thursday?

Casual lunchtime chats can be a dangerous thing sometimes. Today myself, the other temp, and our boss were talking about how we all need money at the moment and we came up with an idea. Obviously with my New Zealand trip less than three weeks away the more cash I can scrape together the better. While we were bemoaning our various financial problems, an obvious solution presented itself - the lottery! So right there and then we formed a syndicate and our money problems are sure to be over soon.

Australians seem to be hooked on playing the Lotto - there is more than one company that runs a draw, so the balls drop almost every day of the week, as it were. Every newsagent has reams of scratchcards for sale by the till - 'scratchies' are vastly popular. The lotto we decided to enter has a weekly Thursday jackpot of $9m, which would certainly come in handy on my trip - imagine all the dangerous sports I could look at and decide not to do with that kind of money. And at only $14 for a whopping 24 lines in the draw - that's 64c (25p) a line - riches are surely only days away...