Thursday, April 14, 2005

Halfway gone

Sydney as seen from Taronga Zoo

Is a year a long time? I suppose it is, when you think about it. They tend to go quickly though, the days fly by until before you know it the weather is colder and the Christmas decorations are out in the shops. Holidays, also, go quickly - all too soon you're back at the airport wondering what to buy for people in the office. The more you enjoy something, the faster it goes by. Or so I thought. Today marks the exact mid-way point of my trip, six months to the day since I arrived at Sydney airport and heaved my backpack out into the 37C heat. Yet it feels like I've been here for ages.

I'm not sure why that is - I imagine when I'm back in the UK I'll feel as if the year went by quite fast, but here and now I really don't. That's good of course, even though I'm enjoying my time here I don't feel it's slipping away. I really am enjoying it too - without doubt it's one of the best things I ever did. I'm not going to start spouting rubbish about having grown as a person or discovered a new part of me, but I think it's changed me, certainly. I've definitely been to some great places - and with the upcoming travels the second six months are going to be even more interesting (as will this blog, hopefully).

Of course it goes without saying that I miss things from home - the important stuff like my family, friends, and x-box. But when you look at six months on a calendar it doesn't seem like a long stretch, so I'll be back with all of them reasonably soon. I just hope the time before then will continue to go as slowly, so I can keep enjoying what I'm getting up to over here - and whether I do or not, rest assured you'll be the first to hear about it...