Sunday, November 27, 2005

Excitement at work

Friday snow! (That's my green chair there too)

I know, an odd concept. But as days at work go, Friday was well up there on the excite-o-meter. A few weeks ago I ordered a 5th Gen video-iPod from the Apple online website, and have been waiting in geeky agony for it to arrive. I've read a few blogs where some tekky bozo goes on at length about his (it's always a he) new iPod, so I won't say much about it - other than a) it's bloody brilliant, and b) it arrived on Friday. I've been following the Apple online order checking thing for the almost three weeks it took to get here. From Shanghai (hooray for sweatshops, eh?), to Amsterdam, to Nuneaton(?) to the mighty Edinburgh. On Friday morning I looked again, and joy of joys found it had been dispatched for delivery, in Edinburgh, at 9:04am. So I was planning to get my sweaty palms on it around mid-morning, giving me all day to play with it. And the iPod. Hoho! Well, crude innuendo had to wait, as in the end it arrived at 4:30pm, after a fun day being driven around Edinburgh in a van. Meanwhile, I was glancing at the clock and jumping every time the phone went. Oh, and working (ahem). Anyway, to cut a long and extremely dull story short - it arrived, I got excited, I have a new toy, people in my office now think I'm a geek. Well, more of a geek than before.

The other exciting thing that happened on Friday was (as you can see) that it snowed. Proper Scottish snow too - the sky turns an odd shade of yellowy/grey for ages, then massive amounts of soapy snow flurry around whiting out everything, before melting as suddenly as it arrived and everyone wonders what the fuss was about. The bright spark that decided to design our new building as a giant glass structure (with floor to ceiling windows) may have envisioned smartly dressed business types parading around from meeting to meeting bathed in natural light, but if they had turned up on Friday they would have seen an office full of people idly staring out of those large windows at the snow, absent-mindly wondering if it would stick or not (and one handsome devil in a t-shirt wondering where his bloody iPod was). Anyway, it snowed like crazy for a while, then slowed to a flutter, before ceasing entirely and melting away within an hour. Even so, Edinburgh traffic went bonkers and people struggled to cope. It's the British way!