Friday, January 19, 2007

Band photos...or are they?

Someone pointed out to me a while ago that whenever friends of mine get together and have a picture taken, it looks like we're a band posing for an album sleeve photo. Looking back at a few old group shots, it's uncanny. So here's a small experiment - I've cunningly mixed up some of those pictures with a few of real bands I've pilfered off the internet. They all follow the key rules of band photography - namely to include at least one of the following - there should be at least one person not looking at the camera, someone sitting or standing apart from the rest, something unusual in the background, and lots and lots of emotive staring into the middle distance. Play along at home and see which ones you think are the real musical combos...









(obviously if you know me, it makes things slightly easier. And yes, that is a goat)